In the middle of October 2023, the 1st International Conference on Chinese in Greece and Beyond was organized with great success. The Conference was organized by the Confucius Institute of Aristotle University and had as its object the teaching of the Chinese language and culture in Confucius Institutes apart from Greece and in many other European countries. Also invited were the Ambassador of China to Greece as well as Professors from Shanghai, as the Confucius Institute of Thessaloniki is a collaboration between AUTH and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

The Conference lasted for 2 days examining the challenges but also the achievements that each center has to present with its actions in the local community. The goal of each Institute is not only the high level of Chinese language teaching, with the assistance of Chinese teachers who come from China to introduce students to this wonderful language. It is also the dissemination of Chinese traditions and customs, to better understand the culture of this great and friendly country of the Far East.

Our Taijiquan group is one such activity created by the Confucius Institute of Thessaloniki. The pioneers are the two Directors of the center, Ms. Tsokalidou and Ms. Bao, who embraced the action from the first moment and helped during the past year to spread this beautiful art to the students of the Institute, but also, to all the residents of Thessaloniki who wanted to get in contact with it.

With great joy, the group was invited to close this International Conference by making a small presentation of what the students of C.I. Despite the absences due to the second round of municipal elections and abstinence during the summer months, the team with only one rehearsal managed to easily bond and demonstrate our Taijiquan to the distinguished guests.

Many thanks to everyone and congratulations to the practitioners.

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