Get to know in person the art of Tai Chi: an Exercise, Meditation in motion, Physical and Spiritual Balance, Martial Arts, Energy Healing, Physical Healing. So many reasons why you can choose it!!! Stress relief, Antidepressant, Sedative = the best medicine of our time!

We practice Chen style Tai Chi (Ji) Quan, which is the authentic style from which all other systems derived. We follow the teachings of Master Chen Bing who is a descendant of the man who conceived Tai Chi himself (Chen Wangting) .. but beyond that he is a profound connoisseur of the art, a world-renowned athlete and an incredibly contagious teacher.

We place great emphasis on the correctness of movement from the fundamentals, from the way of breathing, the principles of Tai Chi that are inextricably linked to Yin and Yang…

Building on the basics, namely the Zhan Zhuang the meditation posture,

We learn to relax our body with special Fang Song Gong exercises

And then we move on to one of Chen Tai Chi's core exercises, the namely Silk Reeling

We study the basic forces and directions and tie them into a beautiful routine made especially for this reason by our teacher.

We are slowly starting to study the first and most basic Chen Tai Chi style routine called Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Road).

For the beginners, to better understand and grasp the fundamentals, we first learn small routines that originate from Lao Jia Yi Lu so that the students get acquainted with kinesiology by combining the basics that we do not stop repeating.

As we move forward, we study and analyze the routine and piece by piece we build it up to the complete 75 movements.

Once the learner has reached a level of understanding that can comfortably perform the hand routine, he or she can begin to study the weapons that are traditional within the Chen Tai Chi system.

We will start with the single Broadsword (Dao) which consists of 19 basic movements that have been summarized in a routine and through it the practitioner learns how to handle the weapon.

After that we move on to the Straight Sword (Jian) which is documented in a routine of 45 movements according to Chen style.

Along with the above techniques and as the perception and skill of the practitioner increases, we start the exercise in Tui Shou - the technique of pushing hands, which is a key component in the practice of Chen Tai Chi Quan.