In August 2022 I had the joy and pleasure of traveling for the first time to the enchanting city of Riga in Latvia. It is a truly beautiful city that combines the kindness of the people with the beauty of the landscape.

The people are kind and smiling and you can easily communicate with them. The city is full of water, rivers that cross the land on many sides creating islands or giving the opportunity to cross small and large bridges. The land is green with a strong presence of trees even in the heart of the old city. Finally, the city is one of the most important ports of the Baltic Sea with a very long history and even more legends!

The reason for my travel there was twofold: to be taught and to teach. I chose this summer not to offer me the few days of rest that I might have much needed, yet I do not regret this wonderful experience.

I was hosted in a beautiful school by Master Roman Vlasenko who is the National Wushu Coach of Latvia but in addition he is perfectly qualified in Taijiquan, having studied both Chen and Wudang styles in China. In fact, one of his teachers was also my teacher, Master Chen Bing. Mr. Vlasenko is also the General Secretary of the European Wushu Federation and that was the bridge that brought us together. Due to his knowledge of modern wushu he also participated in the first phase of the practical courses of the Wushu Coaches School held this year in our country, as an assistant to Master Haojun Zhuo. I trained with him in special sword techniques that I wanted to learn and at the same time I was given the opportunity to teach at his school. On top of that we agreed to organize a seminar where I would teach and explain to the participants the basic energies and directions of taijiquan (Ba Fa Wu Bu) through a beautiful routine created by my teacher Master Chen Bing.

It was a very beautiful three hours seminar with very enthusiastic trainees and focused on this whole learning process who made teaching fun for me and filled me with pleasure to be with them and share my knowledge.

I wish in the future to further expand our cooperation with dear Roman with seminars and knowledge exchanges either in our country or in beautiful Latvia!

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