China Post Issues "Tai Chi" Special Stamps Today in Chenjiagou

On the morning of August 8th, it was held the launching ceremony of the special stamp "Taijiquan" in front of the China Taijiquan Museum in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County. Master Chen Bing went along with his disciples Ran Falin, Tang Weihua and, Liu Yinbo as well with others who were invited to participate in the event.

"Taijiquan" special stamps were issued in a set of 3 pieces, each one with different pattern, one depicting boxing (a pose), one with equipment (straight sword) and, one with push hands.

The notion behind it is to portray the martial art of Taijiquan, which integrates multiple functions such as maintaining one's temperament, strengthening the body, teaching fighting as a martial art, etc. It is a very popular art with a wide range of benefits.

(* you should note that the expression "maintaining one's temperament" refers to the formation of character in such a way as to have self-restraint and inner balance in the demands and stimuli of everyday life).

During the stamp design period, Master Chen Bing, the 12th generation inheritor of Chen-style Taijiquan, communicated with the stamp designer repeatedly, and cooperated with him regarding the photo material in order to provide reference opinions on the cultural connotation of Taijiquan. After many efforts and a lengthy cooperation, the final version was decided.

Set of stamps.

This set of stamps is expressed in the form of fine brushwork characters. The overall color is mainly black, white and gray, and the background is made of ink and white to reflect the peaceful, inclusive, and simple artistic conception of Tai Chi.

The first one shows an old man with white hair and long beard, doing Tai Chi single whip movements calmly, thus reflecting the tradition of Tai Chi and its effect of prolonging life. The background is expressed with free and easy ink brushstrokes and textures, creating an invisible charm with the old man's movements.

The second one is a heroic sword-dancing woman, with the airflow looming in the background, reflecting the characteristics of Tai Chi sword flowing like clouds and flowing water.

The third one is a pair of a young man and woman doing Tai Chi pushing hands. One man and one woman, one black and one white, symbolizing the yin and yang of Tai Chi. The ink texture behind it, vaguely also forms the concept of yin and yang.

Article translation by Pete Pierrakos

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