During the week of November 10-16, 2022, we had the great pleasure as a country to organize a double European Championship through the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation.

On the one hand, the modern form of Chinese martial arts was presented, or modern Wushu as the sports part is called, which includes the presentation of routines with weapons or bare hands which are graded according to specific criteria. The fighting part or otherwise sanda which involves fighting (with protective equipment) with punches and kicks but also wrestling with the aim of overturning the opponent.

On the other hand, all the traditional systems of Chinese martial arts cultivated outside China by lovers of tradition, philosophy and self-defense were presented. A lot more weapons and special techniques from internal and external systems were on display here which was so enjoyable for those watching either via Live streaming or live on the field.

For the first time we succeeded in including our fellow athletes with disabilities and special needs in such a large-scale championship, which has not been repeated in our sport Europe-wide, and we are happy that they were able to present their hard work and their art.

For the first time, the art of Wing Chun with a wooden doll was also presented competitively in a championship, which was also impressive and very interesting.

As a member of the board and the organizing committee, we worked non-stop for more than 2 months to make this event happen. A handful of fortunately experienced people managed to pull off a very big challenge. Thankfully, there was a lot of help especially from the Presidency of the European Federation who were always by our side to help with whatever came up regarding the foreign teams and also the organization of the games.

But the main and biggest help came from the SportCamp Loutraki team who stood by us, worked tirelessly for the success of the event and always provided solutions for everyone and everything. Thanks to their professionalism and experience we had a perfect result.

However, the support of the Municipality of Loutraki, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayors, who were by our side, provided us with the stadium and offered solutions at the local level, which was more than important.

Also important was the support of the Chinese Ambassador who, since taking up his position, has been on the side of the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation and honored us with his presence and inaugurated the Opening Ceremony.

An opening ceremony which consisted of a parade with the 19 national teams, with traditional Greek dances, with a spectacular wushu display by elite Greek athletes, with Chinese music, two hours or so that kept us in our seats in ecstasy.

Four whole days full of struggles, full of mixed emotions; joy, sadness, anxiety, anger, triumph, all passed before us. But everything was within the framework of a healthy competition, the children hugged each other, the opponents shook hands, took pictures all together. They received the medals wearing the flags on their backs, each proudly representing his country but also his teacher, his team, his own effort that brought him there. It was such a wonderful moment to see those colorful costumes and the bright faces of the children, talking, laughing, preparing their presentations.

I submit a number of photos both of athletes and beautiful moments but also many personal ones with key people of this event and many friends, old and new.

I may not have been able to participate as an athlete due to my status in the Federation's board, but I am grateful that I was able to be there and experience it. The first major event (Wushu Kung Fu) in Europe in the post-Covid era that was brought to Greece and carried out to the fullest which received laudatory comments from the officials of all countries. This was a great reward for everyone, proof that we have entered a new era when Wushu Kung Fu in Greece will advance and rise even higher in esteem and recognition in our country.

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